Esma was great to work with - quick, professional and lovely all round.
— Guen Murroni, Writer/Director
I needed certified translations as part of an application for HM Passport Office and Esma was great. The translations met official requirements and were presented beautifully.
— George Sanders
We regularly book Esma for different translation and subtitling projects. She’s brilliant and always happy to help.
— Gloria Scalera, Project Manager
Esma is always an absolute pleasure to work with. She takes time out to really understand our translation needs and produces translations that we can always rely on.
— Maryam Qasimi, Project Manager and Financial Consultant
Sempre bravissima e meticolosa.
— Pietro Rossi, Avvocato
¡Gracias por todo! Las traducciones son siempre perfectas!
— Sara Ortiz-Green