Eight things to expect from a professional translator

1) Clear terms of business

Ideally, your translator should provide you with his/her Terms of Business at the initial quote stage so that each party understands its responsibilities. You should avoid working with a translator who doesn’t make these clear to you or is very hesitant to do so. Professional translators work in accordance with Terms that are fair. Always read through them carefully.

2) Questions

Professional translators will always ask you about the final translation’s purpose and audience. Firstly, this allows them to determine whether they’re suited to the job. Secondly, it enables them to perfectly tailor the translation to your specific needs. It may seem like your translator is being nosy, but I can assure you that we only ask lots of questions because we want everything to be perfect!

3) Honesty about expertise

Professional translators, except in very rare circumstances, only translate into their mother tongue and never take on work that lies far beyond their area of expertise. Instead, they will recommend a trusted colleague who has the in-depth subject knowledge or linguistic skills required to take on your project.

4) A breakdown of fees

We’re honest about our fees, so you can expect a breakdown of the costs involved. If you’re unsure about what the fees include, do ask for written confirmation.

5) Fee clarification

Are you being charged per word? Does the fee depend on the number of pages? If you require clarification, your translator should be happy to answer these questions.

6) fees that reflect translation quality

High-quality translations are worth paying for. Professional translators don’t charge rock-bottom prices because they dedicate lots of time to your project. We begin every project with research to make sure that we understand your aims, your target audience, and the terminology involved. We then carefully craft and polish the translation.

7) respect for Confidentiality

Without your explicit consent, professional translators will never share your contact details with a third party. The same applies to any files or documents that you hand over to your translator.

8) reliability and punctuality

The deadline agreed between you and your translator at the start will always be adhered to. We never agree to deadlines that we know can’t be met.